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The Mataganza Space

Intended for groups, the Mataganza Flecheiras, was designed on the same principles of Mataganza located in Embu / SP and Geneve / Switzerland, it is located in the village of Flecheiras, Municipality of Trairi, distant only 120 Km from the city of Fortaleza, in highway completely paved.
It offers an area of 17,000 m2 of gardens strategically located between the sea and the dunes.


Mataganza is a word that names a place in the nature where the sacred and the profane coexist in harmony, or a center of reflection where the material and immaterial dimensions interact to accomplish the great synthesis. Tuned with the Guaracyan philosophy see www.temploguaracy.org.br,_ the Mataganza Flecheiras objectively represents a commitment to the preservation and full development of life on different levels.


Its situation allows, besides easy displacements, the possibility to enjoy absolute privacy and coexist with the local fishermen.


The buildings designed and implemented by Erich Steffen with organic materials, alternating primitive techniques and contemporary were designed in order to allow for an harmonious encounter with nature without loss of urban required references.


The cottages in number 12, with private bathrooms and surrounding gardens allow a comfortable lodging for up to three people.


Ample kitchen with oven and wood stove, and barbecue grill gives to the Mataganza Flecheiras restaurant high quality conditions of gastronomic service.


Meeting rooms ateliers gazebos ponds plants and animals fish ponds naturally integrated with exuberant palm trees and fruity leafy trees facilitate the development of ecological consciousness, learning that the Union in Diversity allows us to see the path that leads to fraternity, balance and healing.


Guests of Mataganza Flecheiras can use the infrastructure of the Orixás Art Hotel by the beach in Flecheiras.

Praia de Flecheiras, Trairí, Fortaleza – Ceará